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The scuba diving in Cabo San Lucas is world class... the variety and abundance of marine life is just amazing!


When in Cabo San Lucas, scuba diving is a must, primarily for the diving experience of a lifetime. Many local dive shops offer fantastic 2 or 3 day trips that are available aboard schooners. Some traveling packages also lump these trips with and accommodations - just make sure you do your research! There are many high-end Scuba Diving locations in Cabo San Lucas and even stores that offer a safe and controlled place to Scuba Dive in Cabo San Lucas featuring many vessels that take passengers to remote destinations around Revillagigedo Islands, and many of the top diving locations in Cabo San Lucas west of Land's End... Where you can see an abundance of marine life and nearly zero human inhabited terrain. 


Cabo San Lucas' snorkeling is perfect for beginner or advanced divers, where there are vast enjoyable challenges near Land's End. Visibility ranges from 30 to 50 feet in winter months, to over 100 feet from April through October.


The Abyss in Cabo San Lucas is about 100 feet from the arch, and is recommended for advanced divers only. The North and South Wall are also popular canyons with steep granite walls and ledges 100 feet down. Also many of the pristine beaches have been declared National Marine Reserves.


The Sand falls, a 90 foot dive originally documented by Jacques Cousteau, starts at Pelican Rock and drops an amazing 1200 feet.


This canyon makes Bahia San Lucas among the deepest bays in the world.

Other popular sites for diving include Santa Maria Bay, Chileno, Gordo Banks (advanced only) and Cabo Pulmo. Don't forget to experience these Cabo San Lucas Snorkeling tours that are one of the most exciting tours Cabo San Lucas has to offer.






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